Aktualne eventy): Terrifying Shadows - Dragan's Plan (17-27 Kwiecień, 2014)

Upcoming / Test Server : New Moon (28-30 Kwiecień, 2014)

Start & koniec eventów na danych serwerach:
EU Servery 8:00 AM UTC
Agathon 2:00 PM UTC
Tegan 5:00 PM UTC

Events are happenings around Duria! Complete a series of quests and work towards a goal independent of the normal questlines. Collect Plik:Drak14.png Drakens from events and spend them when The Ghastly Gnob arrives in Kingshill. To view active events, open your "Events" (hotkey "E") window. Some of these events include:

Typy eventów Opis eventów


Monsters have infiltrated urban areas. Hold your ground and protect the NPCs from waves of attack.
Pokonaj tych których nie można III, IV, V Boss hunting time. Repeatedly defeat boss monsters around your level.
Dragan's Vanguard Dragan arrives unannounced. Receive unique rewards for completing the event.
Moon Pełnia księżyca Every full moon, defeat werewolves in Varholm using the power of silver.
Helios Games II, III Compete in the arena for this special PvP event (some Insignia also available in PvE).
Halin Nowa pełnia Enchanted Fairy Wood will help you defeat Karabossa in Blackborg.
Lost Truth III, IV, V, VI &VII Defeat gnomes and collect viscanium from geodes.
Shady Weapons Special sale of unique item in exchange for andermant.
Stellar Gold Collect Lucky coins (PvP & PvE) for an assortment of rewards. A special real-world prize is available for the winner(s) of the event.
Stormball Celebrate the World Cup in style (2012)
Desert of Essences Travel to the Desert to collect Essence Tears and claim essence rewards.
Terrifying Shadows

Collect coffee beans, collect portal fragments, and face off against Sargon using Light Essences. Look for hidden piggies :)

Czas chwały

Earn 25% more Badges of Honor in the arena.
Winter Solstice Festival Save Queen Antonia's cookies and collect presents along the way.

Drastically Reduced Prices (24 Hour)

The price of iems, which can be purchased for andermant, may drop for a limited time during sales:

Typy eventów happy horus Bargain Czas
Andermant Equipment 25% off andermant equipment 24 godziny
Ulepszacze Ulepszacze na PVE i PVP są o 25% tańsze 24 godziny
Płaszcze 25% off the price of andermant cloaks 24 godziny
Kryształy prawdy 25% off the price of Crystal of Truth 24 godziny
Wityrychy tańsze 25% taniej witrychy 24 godziny
Burza esencji Reduced price of essences that can be purchased for andermant 24 godziny
Experience 20% off experience elixirs and experience packages 24 godziny
Kamienie szlachetne 25% taniej kamienie szlachetne 24 godziny
Glyphs Glyphs of power cost 25% less andermant 24 godziny
Lockpicks Reduced price of lockpicks by 25% 24 godziny
Mounts 25% off the price of mounts 24 godziny
Zwierzęta 25% taniej zwierzęta u Grizmek 24 godziny
Potions / Elixirs 25% off the price of potion and resource elixirs 24 godziny

Special Sales (24 hours / 1 Hour Sales)

Type Bargain Czas
Happy Hour 25% more andermant with any andermant purchase 1 godzina
Gem Sale Save over 30% on special gems packages 24 godziny
Locker and Inventory Expansion Purchase all your locker or inventory slots for a special price 24 godziny